Phone Ordering

Never miss a call-in order again

Whether you’re battling the dinner rush or stepping away for a breather, Beyond Menu Phone Ordering means you’ll never miss a call-in order again.

What is Beyond Menu Phone Ordering?

Is your restaurant missing call-in orders? Beyond Menu Phone Ordering will forward your calls to our trained representatives to take your diner’s order and send it back to your restaurant to be filled.

How it works


Control when your orders
will be forwarded


We’ll train our teams on your menu and restaurant


Receive orders via email, text,
fax, or printed in your kitchen


Track your calls and replay
them any time

Maximize your
order volume

Capture every order with automated call-forwarding

Own your guest relationship

Track customer’s repeat orders to help them order faster

Simplify scheduling
and operations

Easily field call-in orders during busy hours without staffing up

Simple over the phone setup

With both hardware and software solutions, Beyond Menu can get you setup however works best for your individual restaurant. Our expert support team will walk you through the setup process right over the phone. If you’ve got reception, then you’ve got everything you need.

Prices & Fees

No setup fee

No contracts

Pay only when a
diner makes an order

Cancel anytime


Any Questions? We Got You.



How do you ensure you get the order right?

Taking orders from customers is what we do! We also take the time to train our agents on your menu so that they know your menu inside and out.

What if the customer makes a request we won’t fulfill?

We work with you to understand the nuances of your menu so that we’re ready to handle things like order substitutions and other issues that might come up during an order.

What happens if the customer calls for a reason other
than ordering?

We work with you during the onboarding process to learn more about your restaurant so that we can answer common, non-order related questions. If we truly can’t answer a question, we’ll forward the call to your secondary phone number.

What if I don’t get many call-in orders every day?

That’s okay. Since we don’t charge a service fee, you won’t pay when you aren’t using the system. You can turn Phone Ordering on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t. Whenever you turn it on, we’ll be ready.

How do I know you’re doing a good job?

We take the responsibility of representing your restaurant very seriously. We want you to feel confident that we’re representing you as well as your own team would, so we make all our calls available via the owner portal to replay whenever you’d like.

Won’t I miss out on upsell opportunities?

We’re happy to upsell your customers if you’d like. Since we’re familiar with your menu, we can provide customers with recommendations on item pairings and popular dishes to try.