Point of Sale Features

Varied Order Entry

Powerful Menu Setup

Your menu may contain very simple items, but may also consist of extremely sophisticated meal options, with lots of configurable modifiers. Whichever is your case, Beyond Menu has you covered!

Split & Combine Orders

Split order by items or by guest count. Combine multiple orders into one, if needed. Fast & simple!

Easily Handle Special Orders

Getting a crazy order request from your customer? No need to worry – you can type a special note for your chef, add a custom item or modifier and set any price on the fly.

Order Modifications

Has the customer changed their mind? Not a big deal – edit or void their order items and be assured that your kitchen staff gets notified immediately.

Delivery Management

 Flexible Delivery Fees
Set up custom delivery zones based on city/zipcode or distance radius and configure delivery fees for each of them.

Driver Management

Assign orders to your drivers, let the softwar4e help them find the best route, keep track of the delivery status and handle money-drops securely.


Smart Address Entry
Typing the customer’s address is not necessary anymore! Start typing the street name and the software will autocomplete the rest.

Caller ID Support
Streamline the process of taking delivery orders with the help of Caller ID. You’ll be able to handle repeat customers in no time.

Language Settings

Change Program Language

You can switch between English and Chinese with a single tap. The software also remembers each user’s language preference.

Change Menu Language

When taking orders, the menu item names may be displayed in 1st language, 2nd language you both. You decide what is best for you and your staff.

Set Up Language for any Receipt

You have full control over the language printed on receipts, guest checks and kitchen tickets. No more confusion, no more language barrier.

Employee Management


Manage shifts and have your staff clock in and out of your system. Analyze your work schedules and efficiency with shift-based reports.

Security Settings

Decide which employees have access to selected features. Control responsibilities of your staff and keep your sensitive data protected.


Ful Insight Into Your Sales

Get access to detailed sales information for a selected time frame. Keep up to date with your store closing reports, which are ready to print at any time.

Employee Performance

Keep an eye on your employees’ sales reports. See order and tip information split by employee.

Cashier Reports


Let the software keep track of payouts, refunds, and cashier sign-out reports. Be informed in case of cashier discrepancies.