Frequently Asked Questions


What is Beyond Menu?

Beyond Menu is an ordering platform for local independent restaurants. ​​Beyond Menu provides everything a restaurant needs in order to enable their diners to order takeout and delivery as they want. Provide your diners with the best online ordering, dine-in, and phone ordering experience. Beyond Menu products include online ordering, point of sale, and phone ordering.

How do I get started?

Fill out our questionnaire on our “Contact Us” page to grow your restaurant with Beyond Menu. Have another “Get started” button too.

What is the difference between Beyond Menu and other services?

At Beyond Menu we truly care about your success so we do everything in our power to bring more orders to your restaurant. Not only does Beyond Menu provide a fully suite of great products to help you manage orders across online, phone, and in-store (point of sale), but we also provide marketing services and so much more to help you drive more diners to your store at a low cost.

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Set Up Information:

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What are the setup costs?

Nope! There are zero setup fees when you sign up with Beyond Menu.

Are there any long term commitments?

There are no long term commitments or contracts involved when you sign up with Beyond Menu.

Payment Information:

How much does Beyond Menu charge?

Every restaurant is different so we customize our pricing plans to your restaurant needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can bring more orders to your restaurant via our online ordering & phone ordering services.

How can I send the payment?

Beyond Menu accepts payment via check or ACH.


How can I install the OwnerApp?

It’s super easy. The Beyond Menu BizPortal is available for free for both iOS and Android in the Apple App Store & on Google Play. Click the link below to download it now.

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Do you have a merchant platform?

You can manage your online store & menu through our Beyond Menu BizPortal apps (available on iOS & Android) or via the online portal. Our customer service team is also available to assist you as needed.

How does online ordering work?

When you sign-up with Beyond Menu, we’ll need your help getting a few things created like your online menu, store hours, etc. Once that brief setup is done, we’ll create a custom website for you and add your restaurant menu to, our marketplace. Then you get to start cooking as the online orders start rolling in, sent to your phone or printed directly to your kitchen.

How does phone ordering work?

Beyond Menu phone ordering service redirects calls to our call center where real, live people will take your customer’s orders and send them to your restaurant to fulfill. It only takes a quick setup over the phone and then we will train our team on your restaurant, do upsells for commonly purchased items, answer common questions, and of course take orders for you! You can turn the service on and off as you please and review calls for quality assurance as you see fit.

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